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Tax Compliance Services

Our tax compliance services includes the preparation of corporate income tax returns. We also coordinate the preparation of sales/use and property tax returns.


Tax Department Outsourcing

Our comprehensive services provide our clients with the level of attention traditionally only available to large corporations.


Tax Provision

We prepare tax provisions, related footnotes, and disclosures for both privately held and publicly traded corporations.

Featured Case Study

Several years ago, BCOTAX joined Client B’s team as an outsourced tax department and advisor. From a privately held company of innovators, to a publicly traded corporation of pioneers, BCOTAX provided comprehensive tax solutions to meet Client B’s growing needs.

Over the course of the relationship, BCOTAX has adjusted our services and tax solutions to fit Client B’s rapid growth—from international expansion to IPO and corporate restructuring. 


From the OECD to You

Following up to our last blog on “Tax Tactics from the Big Players”, this final blog to our “Overseas But Not Out of Mind” series focuses on how international tax laws and regulations can be managed by small-medium growth companies.

Tax Tactics from the Big Players

By now Apple’s tax techniques are well known, both applauded and criticized. Their individual techniques are useful on their own, but it’s the tax strategy that put Apple in a place where bold and cunning also translated to being fully compliant. With the second part to our "Overseas But Not Out of Mind", let’s discuss some of the tax techniques used by this international giant.