BCOTAX was founded with a vision.

From positions as a tax executive for in-house tax departments of large multinational corporations, founder Randy Bradford saw tax laws and regulations grow in complexity, with many growth and middle market companies unknowingly overpaying their taxes, creating tax risks, and entering business arrangements without understanding the tax implications.  Most growth and middle market companies did not have the resources to develop a tax department like their larger counterparts, and yet their growth was dependent on having access to those tax resources.

This gap that Randy perceived became his niche (10 years and counting), and the vision behind BCOTAX—to provide the depth of highly seasoned and skilled people, process and technology, in effect the muscle of a highly regarded large multinational tax department, for start-up and middle market technology companies.

Randy has provided the high-quality services of his team to clients in a variety of tax situations. BCOTAX has guided clients through IPOs and the anticipation of an IPO in their future. Some have been acquired, while others have proven to be acquisition-minded, and many have gone through funding rounds including debt, preferred stock, warrants, and common stock.

In a time when tax lawmakers are stumped over how to properly tax and regulate cloud computing, BCOTAX leverages the expertise of its professionals, decades in the making, to provide solution-driven tax services to their clients in cloud computing and other innovative technology industries.

It is our vision that Silicon Valley retain its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. As tax laws and regulations change, we will remain experts in the trending tax issues, working to ensure that our clients remain cutting-edge and thriving.