At BCOTAX, we strive to offer the personalized and sophisticated tax solutions and services of an in-house tax department. Our seasoned tax team comes from a diverse background in corporate tax and is dedicated to enable our clients to manage their global tax reporting requirements and minimize tax costs. Our values are an integral part of who we are and how we do business.

Responsive: At BCOTAX, we seek to be your go-to source for tax questions and issues. Our team is alert to new tax regulations, and in tune with the changing tax landscape, giving us the agility to respond quickly to your needs.

Client-Focused: Our goal is to customize tax solutions to you and your business, and not the other way around. We have created our tax services model to reflect the way your business responds to new business opportunities. Our team will be there through business strategy refinements, audits and acquisitions alike, providing personalized attention and customized solutions.

Integrity: The BCOTAX team adheres to the highest standard of business ethics. We believe being honest and precise is the smart way to do business. 

In-House/Outsourced: We provide the personalized attention and sophisticated services of an in-house tax department. As an outsourced tax department, we strive to retain the feel of an in-house tax partner, responsive and focused on your needs.