BCOTAX provides comprehensive corporate tax solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of growth and middle-market corporations. Our typical client is a technology corporation with global operations. Given their unique tax positions, we attract many corporations within the cloud computing and green energy industries.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the benefits of an expert in-house corporate tax department or tax director. Our team of tax professionals are available to provide a comprehensive tax solution, or act as a supplement to your existing team of in-house and external tax professionals. 

Tax Department and Tax Director Outsourcing:

This comprehensive service includes tax planning, reporting ("FAS 109 ", “FIN 48” and “ASC 740”), tax compliance, and audit management. Once we determine how we can best serve your needs, we'll assemble a BCOTAX team to do just that. Whether handling select tasks or managing your entire tax function, our team will provide you regular status reports and ongoing support for any questions or concerns.

Tax Provision:

We use industry best practices in the computation and presentation of our client's tax provision. Our approach includes proactive tax risk assessment and measurement, reporting and interaction with our clients' auditors. In connection with our client's financial statement audits, our tax provision services and resulting deliverables have been reviewed by all of the major accounting firms. As a result, the BCOTAX team has extensive experience as well as continuous access to current developments in the areas of accounting for income taxes and accounting for tax contingencies.

Tax Compliance:

Our tax compliance process includes the preparation of U.S. federal income tax returns, state income and franchise tax returns, sales and use tax returns, property tax reports, gross receipts tax returns, and business licenses. Using BCOTAX consultants as well as other service providers, our tax compliance services include the preparation of supporting documentation, including transfer pricing studies and reports, research and development tax credit studies, and other required documentation. We offer for our international clients global solutions-coordinating and monitoring international tax compliance requirements as well as connecting them with local (in-country) service providers experienced with tax compliance.

Tax Planning:

Our goal is to minimize your tax liabilities (while limiting risk), wherever you are in the world. Because our international tax specialists have an in-depth knowledge of global tax and tax accounting regulations, we've been able to develop a highly efficient and effective tax planning process. Since we routinely work with other experts in our field, we have access to the very latest in tax planning and risk minimization techniques. This allows us to identify and then assess as many opportunities as possible before implementing a plan. Our resulting track record is excellent.

Tax Audit and Litigation Support:

By developing a proactive tax risk management program, we help our clients identify and minimize tax risk before, during, and after an audit as part of a post-audit risk-management strategy. As your business grows, your tax risks naturally change. We'll keep you apprised of your evolving tax risks via on-going conversations and regular reviews to minimize tax risk in the future. In the event you are audited, we will provide audit representation services which include aggressively defending your tax positions and working with the auditors to minimize the disruption to your daily operations.

M&A Tax Integration:

Successfully integrating an acquired business into a company’s existing operations requires a diverse team of tax professionals ensuring that all the relevant tax issues are managed properly. BCOTAX provides a comprehensive solution that includes tax planning, tax risk management, tax compliance, as well as tax accounting and reporting services. Working with your internal finance and operations teams, we'll do everything possible to minimize the disruption and the tax risks associated with acquiring a new company. We have provided tax Integration services to PeopleSoft, Yahoo, Verigy and smaller technology companies.